Some things are so nice, you want to do them twice.  That’s how we felt when re-reading one of our all-time favorite blogs, Penguins and Pecs.  It was one of those off-the-cuff ideas that we decided to go with and it turned into a fun blog writing session.  So today, we sit here with one of the worst cases of writer’s block, which prompted us to look back at our previous blog material, and after re-reading Penguins and Pecs, we were once again inspired to come up with another never-to-be-published novel plot, this time a dystopian romance novel inspired by our latest to-be-published novel.  (Seriously, how many hyphens were used in this paragraph?!)

Ladies and Gentlemen, may we present to you our plot for The Last Alligator.

At world’s end, artificial intelligence has taken control and not only have the humans become subject to its rule, but many animals have been replaced with cyborg versions of themselves.       In the Florida Everglades, Dr. Seven Moore has been entrusted with the protection of the last remaining unaltered alligator in the state. He’s desperate to save the species and has scoured the black market in search of another non-robotic specimen in order to breed the pair.  He is determined to stand up against the Republic of Robotic Advancement, the governing body of artificially intelligent cyborg humanoids who have established dominion over the free world.

In a Louisiana bayou, deep in the heart of the swamp, Skylar Jensen is safely tucked away in her self-constructed yurt, scared to come out and face the robotic nature of the society.  A known recluse and rebel of the artificially intelligent community that has been erected in the once-thriving New Orleans district, Skylar has successfully kept herself away from the officers of the RRA that are out patrolling the streets looking for humans to bring into the cause.  She is not alone in the swamp, her childhood friend, Dirk, has infiltrated the service and is acting like a bridge between the remaining humans and the RRA. His job is to bring in any human that crosses his path to be indoctrinated into the RRA, but he has kept them at bay with claims that no such humans exist in New Orleans anymore.  During his research trip, he hears of a lone human in the Everglades that is in possession of the last male alligator, the perfect counterpart to Skylar’s protected, scaled female pet that imprinted on her at birth.

Dr. Moore’s prayers are answered in the form of a letter with the best news imaginable- a female alligator of breeding age deep in the bayou of Louisiana.  Eager to bring the pair together, he quickly boards his father’s old fishing boat and sets a course across the Gulf of Mexico.

He arrives at the predetermined location and is greeted by a tall, dark-haired beauty in combat boots; her clothing torn and muddy. She has a fierceness in her gaze that borders on fright, her eyes darting back and forth as if expecting an attack or betrayal. She finally notices his alligator and the steely look melts from her eyes.  She has not been betrayed, but provided a chance to continue the growth of her beloved species.

Meanwhile, Seven has noticed nothing but the softness of her real, human skin, for he has not seen any organic humans in quite some time.  He is completely and irrevocably lovestruck. But Skylar is only focused on the task at hand, moving quickly to get Dr. Moore and his alligator concealed in the safety of her yurt.  She is eager to see if the pair are compatible and willing to breed. Her only mission in this world is to help rebuild the species of alligators and humans alike.

Will Seven be able to help Skylar save the species while also convincing her that true love can exist in the heart of the swamp?  Will they be able to keep their experiment away from the RRA? Will Dirk be overcome with a jealous rage over his childhood crush finding solace in the arms of another man?

Liquid Courage With a Side of Romance Novel Writing

Is this story a cure for writer’s block, or did we have a little too much liquid courage during our attempt to remedy our lack of inspiration? Liquid courage is a funny thing; it can lead you towards plot lines like The Last Alligator, or it can give you an amazing idea for a dystopian novel centered on the hot topics in today’s society. The Pendulum Chronicles was born from one too many craft beer samples at our favorite local brewery and the frustration of the current state of politics, equality, and climate change, among other things. We are still in the early stages of our three-part series, but we hope once it is released, you’ll find it as timely, critical, and perspective-changing as we hope it will be. But first, we may have to let up on the liquid courage so we can get some actual work done. Or it could be the source of our creativity. The world will never know.

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