Madelyn’s having reoccurring dreams about celebrity heartthrob, Damien Pierce. What she doesn’t know is that Damien is also dreaming nightly of a nameless beauty he has never met. When Madelyn’s dreams turn into waking visions, she realizes there is a deeper connection to this man than she ever anticipated. Her search for the truth leads them together, and they discover their souls are bound and destined to be together. Their proximity to one another quickly opens up visions to a past life they shared during the height of the Mughal Empire in 18th century India. Realizing their true love, they embrace the connection they share only to have obligations in their present lives tear them apart.

As past and present come together, Madelyn and Damien have to fight against a world of nobility and conflicting social order, and a powerful enemy that will stop at nothing to devour their reincarnated love.



I wandered. Not aimlessly as one does when they are lost. It was the wandering a person does subconsciously, as if they are not wholly in this world. As if one’s mind has separated from its body, becoming something else entirely. I wandered knowing my being, my soul, was searching for someone… searching for him. It was always that way in this place. I was always looking for him. I could feel that I was getting closer to reaching my goal. He was nearby. His energy was everywhere, surrounding me. I could feel the vibrations of this in-between place drawing us closer to one another. And yet, my soul wandered…

It was either the fabrications of my own mind or the ones of this dream realm that brought me to a beautiful wooded park. Lush greenery and blossoming flowers covered the ground; the faint scent of jasmine lingered in the air. I came upon a clearing and noticed an old, weathered park bench and without hesitation decided to sit and look out onto a lovely, shimmering pond in the distance. It was such a peaceful moment that I closed my eyes and smiled, enjoying the earthy smell of the forest around me and the sunlight’s warmth upon my skin. I kept smiling because I could sense his approach. He was somewhere close, but I remained where I sat, with my eyes shut, anticipating his arrival. Electricity was coursing through the air, lifting the little hairs on my arms and making me shiver. Suddenly, two large, warm hands covered my already closed eyes.

“It’s me,” he said, his voice deep and sultry.

“I know. It’s always you,” I responded.

He took his hands away from my eyes and lightly ran his finger against my cheek; his touch leaving a tingling trail upon my skin. I opened my eyes to see his familiar face inches from my own. His beauty was too much. His hazel eyes locked onto mine, his gaze telling me he saw in me everything he ever wanted. His smile was so stunning, it caused a pang deep in the pit of my stomach. I tried to stay with him, but I could feel myself being pulled away. It was always this way: the wandering, the anticipation, then when we finally find one another, it all breaks apart. His image began shifting, becoming more blurred and unfocused with each passing second. I kept replaying bits and pieces of his face over and over in my mind, trying to memorize every detail, but I could feel myself slipping away…

I was waking up.

I lay in bed savoring the delicious dream-like state I was in, trying to delay the inevitable time when reality would finally hit me. I smiled to myself, feeling a sense of peace at finding him for the briefest of moments. These dreams were becoming increasingly vivid, and they were occurring with more frequency. They began like most dreams do, where one knows they are dreaming and upon waking, many of the little details are lost. But lately, I felt as though my body was actually being transported to the places I was dreaming of. Everything felt so real, and now there was this constant, unrelenting urge to search and find him in every dream. This was the third consecutive night this week he appeared. I could still feel his breath on the back of my neck and the phantom tingle of his touch lingered on my cheek. Once my mind finally registered I was in fact awake, I felt so foolish. It was embarrassing really, having dreams about a person that I know I have no chance of ever meeting.

I know who he is of course…

Everyone does.

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