Book Club is usually held at one of our houses with the kids screaming and playing in the background and our wine glasses full to drown them out.  Okay, not really, we are actually attentive moms, but the kids are usually in the same room with us and are very loud. Perfectly safe, but loud. We ARE trying to write here.

Anyway, we digress, every once in awhile, when the moon is full and the north wind blows, we take Book Club to a public place where we can work without children yelling or asking for a snack (I swear, we do love our children).  During those nights, one of us inevitably has a problem connecting to the wi-fi or the wi-fi is so slow, we are tempted to write our chapters by hand.

During one of these evenings, it occurred to us that we would be so grateful for a business that catered to the unique personalities we possess.  The kind of personalities that want to socialize, but are also in need of a place where we can work without interruptions and GREAT wi-fi. Seriously, wi-fi is so important. We would also like coffee or cocktails that were not weak, flavorless, and just sub-par.

That lead us to Creative Corner with Coffee and Cocktails, an establishment for creative souls, where you can go to write, paint, read, craft, etc.   Think a mixture between a library, coffee shop, and bar with great wi-fi. A place where we can have really good music (maybe the occasional live band?), can order snacks, appetizers, tapas, whatever your little heart desires that is not a full meal because, well, we don’t eat full meals while being creative, wall-to-wall shelves stacked with books that patrons bring in and swap, and a solid wi-fi connection (because again we have experienced first-hand how frustrating it is when we decided to have one of our writing sessions at a favorite watering hole and their shoddy wi-fi doesn’t allow us to access our Google Docs!).  Seriously, wi-fi is so important. We can also have a make-your-own-coffee corner with choose your coffee, liquor, sweetener, and creamer. Cocktails will be crafted by heavy-handed cocktail connoisseurs with a need to feed the creativity.

This little hole-in-the-wall place, in our minds, would have a super-chill atmosphere, small tables in corners for both singles and duos with lots of overstuffed, comfy upholstered chairs, so writers can get cozy while brainstorming with their favorite cocktail (write drunk, edit sober, a la Hemingway, right?!). The center of the space will have long, wooden crafting tables (kind of like the long wooden tables of the medieval royal courts) with sturdy chairs surrounding them, so groups of people can gather together and create, have a girls’ night with crafts to create their masterpieces, or just be surrounded by people that understand how you think or are open to new and fresh ideas.  People willing to feed the creative monster until their idea is fully-formed.

Let’s pretend dust does not exist and the atmosphere gets shaped with light, long, and billowy fabrics draped from corner to corner in various, but muted tones.  Chandeliers give off just the right light to see and set the mood. The noise is a perfect balance between creative, white noise and social splendor. Creativity runs free and amateur writers, poets, artists, sculptors, and more find their voice among their own kind without judgement.

We are ready for an establishment like this one to open up in our home town.  Let us know if you have something similar to our “Creative Corner” in your city.  We would love to hear about it!

If not, does anyone want to sponsor this venture?

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