Book club is an entity all its own.

When we come together to plan out our week of social media, brainstorm ideas for blogs, or come up with scenes to take home and write, we always start with good intentions.  

Then WINE comes into play, and sometimes we get derailed.  However, most times, it’s to our benefit.  Some of our best book ideas and best blogs come from these digressions. It’s all part of the creative process, right?  Many times, we plan to do A, B, and C, and instead our wine-induced conversation will take us to topics like women’s rights, politics, and the extreme nature of it all (don’t even get us started), but then goes into the cycle of women in the world (and how much we appreciate the men in our lives), the cycle of the earth (climate change: yay or nay?), and remembering to write our wills (because we have kids and we really need to figure out who we would leave them to should our dreams of becoming witches with everlasting powers don’t come to fruition) .  Somehow, that snowballs into free-range chicken (be free, chickies!) and veganism (which neither of us understand.) Or, we will plunge headfirst down the rabbit hole of evolution, creationism, and religion (you know those light-hearted topics that everyone who has been drinking should explore).  Of course, we always somehow end up planning vacations and discovering a world of new snacks to try (and eventually turn into a themed dinner night).

Wait, What?

All of the above topics were literally discussed in one evening.  We don’t inhibit ourselves.  We run with it.  We try not to stifle the creative processes we somehow wrap ourselves into and, instead, just go with it. But, nine times out of ten, it works to our benefit (and yours, if we say so ourselves) because it allows us the freedom to be ourselves and not worry about being judged for our sometimes insane questions and thoughts.  It gives us the opportunity for exploration and clarification.

The point of this rambling is to say: let your mind wander, let it go places you wouldn’t necessarily let it go (unless uninhibited by the effects of fermented grapes).  Shake off your preconceived notions of what should and shouldn’t be, and write what’s in your heart.  Write the words you never would say aloud.  Write the words that would bring a blush to your cheeks if your parents ever read them.  Write that.  Then, write some more.  Why?  Because your words, your ideas put to paper, are your legacy.  When you are nothing but dust in the wind (if you’re old enough, Kansas’ song is now stuck in your head.  You’re welcome), your words will live on.  

Our story is unique:  Two like-minded friends who came together with the crazy idea to write a book.  But we did it.  With husbands, kids, and busy lives to attend to, we managed to make time for the creativity we so desperately craved.  We made our small dream of writing a novel together a reality.  And now, we are at it again.  New ideas, new plots, new characters with a life all their own.  That’s what we hope to bring to you: Inspiration.  The drive to pursue your dreams, your hobbies, your goals.  We say, pursue it.  And probably have some wine too.

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