A:  “We were at a restaurant the other day and Chicken and Waffles was on the menu.  Here’s the thing with Chicken and Waffles; why would you have bone-in chicken when it’s sitting on top of a waffle?  Wouldn’t that make the waffle harder to eat?”

T: “Yes!  I never understood that either. Who serves Chicken and Waffles with bone-in chicken on top?!  It’s just not done!  Why not serve it with boneless chicken tenders…easy peasy, right?

A: “Right!  Every Chicken and Waffles recipe should call for boneless chicken.  It’s the only thing that makes sense because you would make a mess trying to cut the chicken away from the bone and your waffle would get soggy and smushed.”

T: “Chicken and Waffles is comfort food.  A meal that should be simple and satisfying to consume.  If you have to work hard for it, it loses it’s comfort, right?

A: “Exactly.  And this is why we’re friends.”

During this particular conversation, our husbands had those blank looks on their faces that they reserve for occasions like this when we go off on a tangent about something inconsequential and think we made some big discovery or uncovered a deep dark secret…like people seemingly not understanding the logic of only using boneless chicken when pairing it with waffles.  This is also the point where we mutually decide that we know better how to serve this dish and plan a Southern Comfort Food themed dinner with friends (which is one of our favorite pastimes!)  The husbands sigh, but deep down they know they’ll enjoy whatever we cook and they’ll be telling us just how good our boneless chicken and waffles are and how easy this meal was to eat.  At least that’s how the conversation plays out in our minds as we imagine them shaking their heads at us and tucking into their delicious meal.  BOOM.

We get very excited when we agree on random things that we think no one else would talk about – like our waffles – but we do and it makes our conversations a lot more lively.  At least to us.  And that’s an example of why we decided to write a book.  We have millions of thoughts running through our brains at any given moment (mind chatter, if you will) and some of them are really great storylines that we thought we would have a great time bringing to fruition and others are waffle-related or have to do with our unique perceptions on reality.  Either way, we enjoy hanging out with a glass of wine – or four – and weeding through our many crazy thoughts.

So about the book we wrote…

The conversation began while we were waist-deep in PTO activities at our sons’ school.  We got to talking about how much we both love reading and the types of books we mutually enjoy.  One thing led to another and we hatched this brilliant plan to collaborate on a book together.  Why not, right?  It would give us both a break from our busy lives, allow us a little girl-time, and also provide a much-needed creative outlet the two of us would enjoy.

Eternally Bound is one of those conversations that spiraled into a plot that left us waking up in the middle of the night to write the next scene, swooning over a scene that the other part of our duo wrote, or high-fiving when we got a chapter just right.  It’s a thought that came from Tanya’s mind chatter before she wrote it down and began shaping it into a real story.  Arelys came later in the game and we began formulating a complete storyline.  One year later, we had a book.  An actual BOOK!  A book that WE wrote!  It was exciting to say the least, and we are thrilled to share our story with you and hope we can continue to entertain you with more stories in the future.

Eternally Bound is a story that doesn’t just reveal true love, but shows how it transcends anything beyond our grasp.  It’s a story of destiny, passion, past lives, nobility, chaos, and magic.  If you haven’t already, check out our full synopsis on Facebook for a deeper look at Eternally Bound (feel free to “like” our page while you’re there!), or begin reading it with the first chapter up on our site.

Back to our conversation…Chicken and Waffles – a dish best served boneless!  **mental high-five**  (and this is why our shared brains were meant to work together)


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