Book Review: Tree of Ages

Series: Tree of Ages Book #1

Author: Sara Roethle

Pages: 400 (Paperback)

Genre: Fiction/Fantasy

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Recommendation: This book does a wonderful job of laying the groundwork for a great series.  We’re just hoping Sara Roethle can deliver on the intrinsic plotline and likable characters.

Have you ever taken a long, leisurely, pleasant walk where you are not really worried about the destination, but you’re just enjoying the scenery along the way?  That’s Tree of Ages.

The story takes you on a walk of discovery starting with the transformation of Finn and her relationship with Aed and then introducing a myriad of characters that help to create a wondrous world where ancient Celtic mythology and folklore is deeply embedded into the culture of what appears to be medieval Scotland or the like.  The world of the Faie, which consists of mythical creatures such as the Tuatha De, Trow, Fairies, Travelers (who are just not nice people and make you want to stick them out in the sun with zero sunscreen), is intertwined with the mortal world and the lines of both realms are becoming blurred.  

The Start of the Walk Through the Tree of Ages

The story opens with a tall, beautiful oak tree which crumbles to the ground, transforming into a human girl named Finn.  Finn cannot understand how or why she has transformed from her beloved form of a tree, into a frail and vulnerable human, but soon Finn begins to have flashes of a past life as a human.  She pushes the memories aside, claiming her knowledge of human things comes from observing people who came upon her glen where she stood as a tree for more than 100 years.  She embarks on a journey, with the help of her rescuer-turned-companion, Aed, whom she discovers also harbors Faie-like powers and is referred to as The Mountebank.  He promises to help Finn find her way to become a tree once more, but their travels soon turn complicated with the impending war and addition of new companions- not all of which have good intentions toward Finn.  The Author introduces a number of characters in this tale, each with their own backstories and mini sub-plots.  You have red-headed twins, who are pleasant in their own ignorance of the world, Liaden, who is an angry lady with plenty of opinions, Iseult, who you want to love in all his mystery and strength, and Kai, who is the bad boy every girl wants to tame.  Which one of the men has Finn’s heart?  It’s too early to tell, but Tree of Ages is an interesting story, although it starts off somewhat slow before several of the pieces start to fall into place.  Roethle does a great job laying the groundwork for what we hope is an exciting series of magic, mythical history, and the quest to discover the Archtree.

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